Morocco is renowned for its consistent year-round waves and friendly surf culture, so we think it's a must-visit destination for any surfer. At Desert Surf Morocco, our small and experienced team is always on hand to make sure you get the most out of your time in the water. Every day we check the tides to find the best place to surf. Expect no day to be the same. Our goal is to provide you with the best surfing experience possible.

All our wetsuits are full length and 3/2 mm thick. We have a wide selection of sizes, including children's wetsuits. We invest in new wetsuits every season to maintain high quality for our guests.

We have a range of softboards from 7.6ft to 9ft that are used as standard for our beginner surfers. For our intermediate and advanced surfers we offer a wide range of boards from 5ft to 9ft longboards from brands such as NSP, Torq and Nord.
Morocco has waves all year round, and usually the most consistent months for big waves are from September to April, with a peak period from December to March. In the summer months from May to August, there are fewer waves, but there are always places with great waves for beginner surfers.

Beginners: Learning to surf in Morocco is possible all year round, thanks to a wide selection of surf spots and some excellent indoor beaches.

Intermediate: Intermediate surfers who want to improve their skills on green waves and are looking for consistent medium to big waves, we'd recommend a trip between September and May.

Advanced: Advanced surfers who are confident on the point breaks and are after more powerful waves, we would recommend a trip between December and March.

The coastline in our region offers a wide range of surf spots, from secluded beach breaks to point breaks, and with over 15 different surf spots at our feet, we are lucky enough to be able to choose where to go depending on conditions. We believe it's this diversity that makes this country a must-see for surfers of all levels.