Paradise valley

Discover another side of Morocco by breaking away from the ocean and heading inland, driving 45 minutes through the Atlas Mountains to reach Paradise Valley. This place is renowned for its natural beauty with an abundance of palm trees, natural pools and waterfalls. It's a short 15-minute hike down into the valley where you can enjoy the views, jump into the lake from a cliff, and sunbathe. One of the local cafes will provide you with a traditional tajine lunch to fuel you up before heading back to the car.

What to take with you: Water, camera, swimming suits, sun protection, hat, towel, money and comfortable shoes for walking.

Cost of the trip: €20 per person (minimum 2 persons). The cost of the tour for one person is 40 euros.


Imsouane is a traditional fishing village and also the spot with the longest right-hand wave in Morocco! Heading north along the coastal road, you'll drive for about 90 minutes past rugged coastlines, up mountains and through serpentines before ending up in Imsouane. Imsuan is home to two spots, The Bay with its long right-hand waves and The Cathedral, both of which operate on opposite tides, meaning you can spend the morning at one spot, have lunch and then move to the other for the afternoon session.

What to take: Water, camera, sunscreen, wetsuit, towel and some money.

Cost of the trip: if the conditions at the nearest surf spots do not allow us to hold a surf session, we will go to Imsuan. If the nearby surf spots are in good condition, the price for a trip to Imsuan including surf lessons is 40 Euros per person (minimum 2 persons). The cost of the tour for one person is 80 euros.


Spend a day exploring the beautiful peaceful seaside town of Essaouira, known for its art scene, laid-back bohemian atmosphere and delicious fresh fish. The outer medina features ancient fortress walls, old copper cannons adorning the city walls and the quiet inner medina is a labyrinth of streets lined with art galleries, shops and cafes. Finally, don't forget to visit the buzzing fishing port and taste the catch at the fish market.

What to take with you: Water, camera, sunscreen, money and comfortable shoes for exploring Essaouira.

Cost of the trip: you can make the trip yourself or use our services (60 EUR, groups from 4 people).


The town of Taroudant is situated deep in the Sousse Valley, about 90 minutes from Tamraght. The town is surrounded by magnificent red mud fortress walls and inside these walls you'll find a peaceful, traditional market town known for its local crafts, including handmade jewellery and carpets. Spend the day wandering around the medina, visiting the two souks and don't forget to have lunch or tea in the main square (Assarag Square).

What to take: water, camera, sunscreen, money and comfortable shoes to walk around Taroudant.

Cost of the trip: You can make the trip yourself or use our services (cost is available on request).